Friday, October 15, 2010

Wow - Being Unemployed Is Tough - So Start A Business

I have been unemployed for a few months and finally decided to do something about it.    I will no longer be embarrassed and negative about my situation.  I have decided to follow up on an idea and start an internet business.   What better time to pursue a dream and use my talent wisely.   There are no guarantees that my idea will work, but at least I have chosen a low investment idea.    I have been working on my idea for a few weeks and already see a return of my creativity and motivation. 

I have learned that being positive and keeping my mind active will result in success.   Perhaps with this project, or finding a different career path.   So many new opportunities have already come my way just from networking and making new contacts in my new industry.    Family, friends and old colleagues all treat me differently now that I am "employed".

If you are having issues finding a job,  you may want to consider a business with a low cost of entry.   It will keep you active and help with your networking. You can also add the "job" to your resume!

Good Luck